NZ Multi Terrain Camouflage Uniform

Introduced in 2013 to replace NZ Disruptive Pattern Material (NZDPM) which had been in use in the NZ Army since the early 1980’s, the Multi Terrain Camouflage Uniform (NZ MCU) is the shortest run camouflage items in the NZ uniform inventory being replaced by NZ Multi Terrain Pattern Uniform (NZ MTP) in 2019.

Royal NZ Infantry Regiment.

The new NZ MCU garments were produced in a camouflage pattern designed by Guy Cramer and Hyperstealth Technologies, whose inventors were heavily involved in the design of the CADPAT and MARPAT digital camo patterns used by both Canadian and US military forces respectively.

The figure represents a NZ Territorial soldier. Rank is Private

Side shot showing 100 anniversary patch worn from 2014-2018
Velcro badge of the Territorial 5/7 RNZIR

With the MCU jacket off the figure shows the special wicking material brown Tee Shirt.

Striped down for a spot of physical training.

As well as the jacket and trousers there is also a under armour like shirt.

Black beanie with the operational kiwi.

Back view showing back of shirt and trousers.

Tag from the shirt

Unfortunately the tag for the jacket is washed out but like the shirt is a product from Workwear Group.

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