How am I going?

Just checking out my stats and seeing how many view/visitors I have been getting. Have been with WordPress since 2015 and the numbers have been steadily increasing but just want to check to see if what I am providing is any good. What I guess I am trying to do is show items that aren’t that common and perhaps provide some useful information. Some of the research on the items shown is my own and other bits of information I have found from published books or on the web, I do try and credit these sources where I use them but this is something I could be better at.

With my figures I have used all original items and I have tried to not cut corners, using repro items or items incorrect for the time period depicted, I have tried to make the figures as authentic as possible. I have to admit I do enjoy putting these figures together so will try and put a few more together.

If anyone out there has comments or suggestions on what I already have on this blog please feel free to leave a comment. If there are things I could do better of if there are any things you would like to see more of please let me know.



7 thoughts on “How am I going?

  1. Hi Chris,
    I do enjoy looking at your site. To my knowledge this is the only NZ based site. Congratulations for doing something!
    I would like to see more WW2 RNZAF and RNZN items.


  2. I think you are doing a good job. But I do have some suggestions. For one – I don’t see any Tags, this will increase your exposure on the Reader page. Make a courtesy return trip to people who visit your posts. And go to the Reader page, type in a few tags that interest you and go exploring for other sites. For one, you might try Matthew Wright’s site, an author of NZ military history.


  3. Hi Chris

    You are doing great. I read every post and have learned a ton, especially about the memorial scrolls etc. Good work, please post more of your stuff!

    Cheers Geof



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