9th Brigade Battle Dress

9th-brigade-lt-sideIn late January 1945 an increased need for infantry forced 2NZ Division to form another Brigade. 9NZ Brigade was formed when troops from the Divisional Cavalry, 27th Machine Gun Battalion and 22nd (Motorized) Battalion had been converted to a purely infantry role and brought together to create the new battalion.


This particular Battle Dress blouse was worn by 71123 Lieutenant Allen Stanley ROGERS. The two ribbons are for the 1939-45 Star and Italy Star.

On the right forearm he has five Service Chevrons, each chevron equals 1 year of completed service.


And on his left sleeve he has two Wound Stripes (find out more about Wound Stripes).


Lieutenant ROGERS was first wounded by a grenade fragment on the 29 October 1943 while he was a part of the  36th Battalion, serving in the Pacific with the 3rd NZ Division. He was wounded again, this time in Italy, on the 15 April 1945 when he was with the 22nd Battalion and was hit by the blast of a mortar round while bringing back five German POW’s to Battalion Head Quarters. Two New Zealanders were wounded and two Germans killed by the blast.


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