German Soldier, 1944

german-clseThis figure represents the uniform and equipment worn by a typical enlisted German Soldat in the closing stages of the 2nd World War.

He is wearing a non revisable splinter pattern winter over uniform jacket worn over a model 1943 tunic and Mountain style service trousers. The infantryman’s equipment is a mixture of leather and webbing.german-coat-fullThe back view shows the rucksack, Austrian style entrenching tool carrier, Kar98 bayonet in olive green web frog, late war , with internal cleaning kit pocket, bread bag and late war water bottle with enameled steel cup.german-pack-bck

With the equipment removed to see the jacket a bit clearer.  Not a mint example of the over uniform jacket as you can see in the close up of the damage to one of the sleeves.

With the jacket open you can see the large waist draw strap and grey artificial silk lining that shows this is non-reversible.german-coat-inside

With jacket off to see a closer view of the service tunic.

In the rear view you can see the fluted gas mask case. It was probably unusual to still be carrying the case late in the war but as this is such an iconic piece of kit I couldn’t leave it out.


With the “Y” straps and all other assorted equipment taken off a better view of the service Tunic and M43 field cap.german-no-equip-clseThe field caps national insignia is an example of two piece rather than the normal one piece inverted triangle. The buttons securing the ear flaps are also unusual in that they are not the normal small pebbled steel buttons.

Close up view of the mountain style service trousers. in the front view you can see the two front belt loops, ring for the pocket watch, plastic buttons and adjusting tabs on each side.

in the back view you can see the two rear belt loops, rear pocket and reinforced seat.german-trousers-bckThe basic infantryman’s  equipment laid out to get better look. From left to right, leather Kar 98 triple pouch, Kar 98 bayonet, scabbard and olive green web frog, leather Austrian spade carrier (spade is tucked into belt as close combat tool), late war bread bag with late war water bottle attached and finishing with the right hand triple pouch.german-full-equipClose view of the marking on the triple pouch and the compressed wood handle of the bayonet- the blade is marked  cof 44 (Waffenfabrik Eickhorn, Solingen).german-equip-clse-2Rear view of the equipment showing how it is all attached to the tan web belt.german-equip-full-bck

german-equip-clse-1Close up of the rear of the triple pouch showing how it is attached to the belt and how the leather “Y” straps are attached to the pouch. You can also see the leather buckle adjusting strap on the back of the web belt. Also the late War steel water bottle and cup.german-waterbottleLaid out on a 1944 dated supply sack are an assortment of items you might find in the bread bag, rucksack or pockets of a Grenadier.german-contentsClose up of the Soldbuch of a young looking Grenadier, above which you can see a condom, saccharin packet, cigarettes with tax stamp, lighter and laying on the soldiers book, a pocket knife.german-close-contents

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