NZ Scottish Regiment

Scot flag

Given that the NZ Scottish handed over its regimental flag to the Otago Settlers Museum in a “Laying up of Colours” ceremony  yesterday (16 April 2016) I thought it appropriate to mark the final end of this regiment by showing a few items of NZ Scottish I have in my collection.

First formed in 1939 as a Territorial unit it comprised of three companies and a band. During the Second World War the role of this unit was to supply reinforcements to the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force in the Mediterranean and Pacific as well as maintaining troops for Home Defence. In 1948 The NZ Scottish Regiment was reformed as 1 Divisional Regiment Royal NZ Armoured Corps, NZ Scottish. The unit was affiliated to the Scots Greys. Colours were presented to the unit in 1963. This is unusual in that “colours” are not normally carried by armoured units (normally Guidons are carried). The colours carry the battle honours of the 2NZEF Divisional Cavalry Regiment. The Colours are unique because of its dark green background. This is because the Regiment was not a “Royal” Regiment and was not entitled to the blue background found on Infantry Regiments colours. In the 1960’s the regiment was reduced in size. In 1971 the Squadrons were renamed 1 and 2 NZ Scottish. Dis-establishment of 1NZ Scots took place in 1990. Consequently 2NZ Scotts were renamed NZ Scottish and its role changed to Rear Area Security. In 1993 the whole Royal NZ Armoured Corps was reorganized but the colours and history lived on in a Scottish Squadron formed as part of an Otago Southland regiment (2/4 Battalion).

Royal NZ Armoured Corps Beret with NZ Scottish Green Diamond Backing:

Post WW2 Royal NZ Armoured Corps, Majors Doublet:

Have not been able to identify the original owner yet but the ribbons are (from top to bottom, left to right) British Empire Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with “8th Army” clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 with Mention in Dispatches oak leaf , NZ War Service Medal and Efficiency Medal.Maj Doublet ribbonsEnlisted mans Battle Dress Blouse:

Source of information:- NZ Army Distinguishing Patches 1911-1991 – part two, M. THOMAS & C. LORD




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