Memorial Register

Along with the Memorial Scroll and Memorial Plaque families also had the opportunity to purchase, for around 3 shillings, a register for the cemetery where their loved one was buried or commemorated. In each cemetery that was maintained by the Imperial war Graves Commission (Latter the Commonwealth War Greaves Commission) there is a cemetery register. A complete bound copy of the registers was sent to the NZ Government. The next of kin of the deceased were each contacted by the NZ War Graves Committee in order to confirm the details of the service man that would be entered in the register. Below is one of the letters sent to the family.cemetery-reg-1cemetery-reg-2 For details of William Edward YOUNG see my post on the Golden Roll of Honour.

The registers contain information on the memorial or cemetery the register relates to and also details the major engagements where the soldiers commemorated, died.cemetery-register-1cemetery-register-2Here is the letter, and receipt for 3 shillings, that was sent to the family of a NZ soldier commemorated at Grevillers Memorial.cemetery-reg-letter-1cemetery-reg-letter-2Notice the address of Mrs R DICKSON, ironic that the Somme area was where her son lost his life in the 1918 Spring Offensive.cemetery-register-7The entry in the register for Herbert Alexander DICKSON (notice the initials of the serviceman in the above letter are wrong).


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