Trentham Military Camp 1915 Postcard

Something different, a little change from my last few posts.

Have had the card for a little while and every time I read it I have to smile. The guy that wrote this must have been a real character and a bit of a “chancer” with the ladies. I guess given the situation he was in taking a chance with a girl back home in Auckland was worth a possible slap on the face.

Here is what the card says:

“My Address is.


E Company

12 Reinforcements

Military Camp


13 January 1916

Nell Foster

Dear Miss,

I dare say you’ll say “the very cheek of me to write to you”, but you ‘ll most likely, or rather you ought to be proud to have a communication from (a soldier boy) ha! ha!

I fully intended to go over from the station and say “good-bye” before I went , but I was uneasy for fear I might lose the train. However, I reckon that every single boy that goes to war from Auckland is entitled to 1 or 2 sweet kisses from every girl in Auckland because it is they whom we go to fight for, is it not? So I’ll call and see you when I’m on final leave , don’t forget . Best wishes to you, from, yours truly,

P.G. Hansen


Like the fact he added the bit about being “single”, must have been an afterthought that he hoped would win the favour of Nell and get him those sweet kisses he was after.

The writer of the card was 11029 Percival Gordon HANSEN. He served both in Egypt and on the Western Front with the Otago Infantry Regiment. He survived the war and at the end was part of the NZ contribution to the Allied Occupation Army in Germany. He came back to NZ in 1919. Did he marry Nell? Would have made a great end to the story but… he didn’t. He did marry a lady by the name of Eva Isabel FRASER in 1921 and as far as I can find out remained married to her until his death in 1987 at the tender age of 93 (impressive). His wife lived for another 9 years and when she died in 1996 she was also 93.

Have not been able to find out who Nell FOSTER was but she kept this card so must have had some feelings for the cheeky soldier boy.



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