Non DPM Civilian Uniform

Was lucky to find an example of the civilian shirt and trousers to put in my collection. These civilian “uniforms” are cut in the same pattern as the normal NZ military DPM uniform (now replaced by MCU).

These civilian non- DPM (disruptive pattern material) tended to be worn by NZ Members of Parliament or other such dignitaries when visiting overseas deployments of NZ military personnel.

Below is a photo of some of these dignitaries in Afghanistan in 2003 visiting a NZ Provisional Reconstruction Team. The lady with the sunglasses is former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark. At least five of the people in this photo are wearing these non DPM sets.

Helen clark

Here is the shirt with a normal DPM shirt for comparison.

You can see with the placement of the pockets on both sleeve’s, the patch bellows pockets on the chest and even the hidden zip closing under the front buttons that this shirt is cut exactly the same as the DPM shirt.

The trousers for comparison too. Both have the large belt loops and the one pocket on the right rear hip, with simple button closing and two pockets on each lower thigh.

The fly closing shows one difference, the civilian example is missing the “pajama” cord round the waist but otherwise they both same.

Manufacturer labels on the civilian shirt and trousers.


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