“F” Company Wellington Rifle Volunteers

This tunic is for a member of the 1st Battalion Wellington Rifle Volunteers and dates from the early 1900’s but predates the changes to the Volunteer system in 1911.

Unfortunately this tunic has been striped of the rank insignia and all that is left is the shadow of a Sergeant rank on the right arm.

Wellington 1st batt ft

Wellington 1st batt back

On the left sleeve you can see the skill at arms badge, Austrian Knot and black facing colour to the cuffs. On the right side you can see the opening to the small “coin” pocket.

Wellington 1st batt autrain knot

A close up of the 1895 pattern volunteers button.

Wellington 1st batt button

The collar badge is the Duke of Wellington’s Crest.

Wellington 1st batt collar

Unlike the 2nd battalion uniform shown in my previous blog below, this one does not continue the facing colour onto the epaulettes but does indicate what company this was of the 1st Battalion. “F” Company were the “College Rifles”. You may also note that this uniform has white piping to the bottom of the facing colour on the collar where the 2nd battalion uniform does not.

Wellington 1st batt F1

The lining is much the same as in my previous blog, white blanket almost three quarters of the length. Wellington 1st batt insideThe collar has the manufacture/retail tag of Hallenstein Brothers, New Zealand Clothing Factory (excuse my fingers).Wellington 1st batt tag

The New Zealand Clothing Factory was set up in Dunedin in 1873 by Bendix Hallenstein. The New Zealand Clothing Factory made basic, hard-wearing clothing for men and boys – initially in Dunedin, and then in many towns and cities throughout NZ. In 1876 Bendix Hallenstein opened shops as a sales outlet for the factories; by 1900 there were 34 Hallenstein Bros (HB) shops around the country.

2 thoughts on ““F” Company Wellington Rifle Volunteers

    • Gidday. the buttons are 2.5cm across. Seems to be the same size as the large 2nd NZEF type of button. DA Corbett in “The regimental Badges of NZ” says the 1895 pattern button remained in use till 1911 when the wording in the centre was changed to “New Zealand Forces” and the shading in the centre of the button was removed. Out of interest I checked the back of these buttons and they are marked Hallenstein Brothers.


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