Service Dress cap

The O’Sullivan’s call this type of cap a “Type 3” in their book “NZ Army Uniform & clothing 1910-45”. This cap is named to

60791 Robert Eric SMALE. Enlisted 07/01/1941. Served overseas 07/04/1941 to 21/04/1945. Posted to 14 Light Anti Air craft Regiment 15/05/1941. Commission to 2nd Lieutenant 19/02/1944 and Lieutenant 19/02/1945. Served in Italy from 29/04/1944 to 28/02/1945. Was awarded the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and NZ War Medal. Posted to Reserve of Officers list 21/04/1945 and was posted to the 5th Field Regiment, RNZA 01/12/1948. Transferred to General Reserve 13/02/1951 and finally to the Reserve list 01/10/1959. Died 10/09/1994. This belonged to a family member of a friend of mine and he also gave me his BD tunic and great coat as well so very lucky to have these items.
SD soft peak ft SD soft peak badge SD soft peak inside SD soft peak name

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