Battle Dress Blouse with ID Service disk 286505 C YIN

286505 Charles YIN
Born 05/05/1914 in NZ (parents both Chinese). Enlisted at the age of 26 01/07/1941. Promoted to Sergeant 01/08/1942. Served overseas from 27/03/1943 to 10/12/1943. Posted to 152 Heavy Battery 08/03/1943. Reverted to Temporary Bombardier 27/03/1943 latter on being made a Temporary Sergeant 13/10/1943. On 01/11/1943 was made substantive Bombardier finally being promoted to substantive Sergeant on 07/12/1943 the day before he departed Norfolk for his return trip to NZ. Served as part of “N” Force disembarking at Norfolk Island 29/03/1943 returning to NZ 10/12/1943. Was discharged 15/01/1944 medically unfit grade III P. Awarded Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 & NZ War Service Medal. There is a mention online that in 1982 he was awarded the Order of St John, Serving Brother. Died 31/10/1984.
NZ Artil ft NZ Artil side NZ Artil Sgt rank NZ Artil Yin service tag
The service ID Disk was found in the pocket of this BD blouse. The blouse is not named but I am certain given Yin’s service details that both these items belonged to the same serviceman.

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