NZ Desert Disruptive Pattern Material Uniform

This Sergeant had a long career in the NZDF. He served in overseas in Bosnia, Solomon Islands and Afghanistan. This DDPM uniforms is one of the earlier ones with the brown swirl buttons. This shirt was probably his coming home uniform as it doesn’t have much wear though the trousers do have a bit more so could have seen a bit more of Afghan than just Bagram.

NZDDPM uniform ft NZDDPM side NZDDPM button NZDDPM badge NZDDPM trouser ft


3 thoughts on “NZ Desert Disruptive Pattern Material Uniform

  1. Hi there, this shirt and pants used to belong to me.
    I sold it on trademe in 2012 along with some Aussie dpdu’s, can’t forget this one, it’s a smaller size.
    Where did you get the information about the soldier from?
    The shirt is not a home coming one, this I know for sure, there is no IR reflector except on overseas uniforms.


    • Hello Nick, cant remember exactly when I got these but it was off TradeMe. The tag on the shirt, while washed out, did have his name on it. I was able to get a little info on the original owner from NZDF Personnel Archives & Medals.


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