27th Machine Gun Battalion uniform

411999 George Thomas GRAY.

Born 04/06/1921. Enlisted 15/12/1941. Served overseas in the Pacific 27/12/1942 to 17/07/1944 and Italy and Japan 05/01/1945 to 08/09/1946. Served in Guadalcanal as part of 29th Battalion. Embarked for Italy 27/02/1945 and posted to 27th Battalion 13/03/1945. Wounded 16/04/1945. On the 15-16 April 1945 the 27th took part in the attack across the Sillaro. The Battalions casualties for the day were one killed and six wounded but it had captured three German tanks and destroyed a fourth.   Promoted to temporary Lance Sergeant. Transferred to J Force 02/01/1946. Promoted Temporary Sergeant 28/10/1945 and Sergeant 01/02/1946. Entered Japan 20/03/1946. Served in the 27th Battalion, 9th Brigade as part of the British, Commonwealth Occupation Force. Returned to NZ 08/09/1946 and discharged 22/10/1946. Issued 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, NZ War Service Medal and NZ Service Medal 1946-49. Eligible for NZ Operational Service Medal and NZ Defence Service Medal with Regular clasp. Died 30/04/2003.

27th batt 127th batt sgt rank27th batt shoulder 4


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