About My collection

Hello and welcome to my collection. Have been collecting military items for about 30 plus years. Started off collecting German items but changed to NZ Items after cost and quality of reproductions made collecting WW2 German difficult. Have not really settled into collecting a particular area or specialty but really like cloth items and tend to lump myself into the uniform collecting group of collectors though really like badges and ephemera and pretty much everything else that takes my fancy. Don’t have an outstanding collection filled with amazing rare items but don’t think I have done too bad with the budget that I have had and the afore mentioned lack of any direction. One thing I enjoy doing is identifying the original owner of my items and tend to look for items that have either a service number or name on them so I can get a bit more info on the person who wore or used the item that is now in my collection.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.


10 thoughts on “About My collection

  1. Great collection mate. I am happy to see a fellow Kiwi posting their collections online. I have close relatives who served in 3Div and 2Div in WW2 so it’s interesting to see how their kit was formed up. Keep going!


    • Thanks. Actually it was looking at your blog showing your amazing collection that convinced me to show my one here. Am enjoying showing what I have and will keep going as long as there is interest.


  2. Well you are on my list now 🙂 Part of the fun is the research and if you go to all that effort then it’s great to publish it somewhere where other folks can find it! If you think my collection is amazing you can come over and help me shift the giant jewellers cabinet most of it lives in 🙂


    • Wow that must be some jewelers cabinet I’m sure it would take more than the two of us to move it. I have a VERY understanding wife and have taken over the spare room but even that is getting cramped with war stuff. I agree with you that half the fun in collecting is researching the item and who it belonged to.


  3. I have been directed to your website via the Army Museum and it is excellent so congratulations on your efforts. I live in Walton on Thames, UK and I am researching the NZ hospital here during WW1. I am not very familiar with the NZEF so is it possible for you to drop me an e-mail so I can ask you a few questions?


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